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How to start a business in 30 days - 30 days cllickfunnels review

How to start a business in 30 days - 30 days cllickfunnels review

Want to quit your 9-5 job and be independent?

Since I traveled to Thailand for the first time 12 years ago and met long-term travelers everywhere, I wanted to become location-independent. 

I always knew, I was a gypsy and that I don’t need a home and a lot of things, to be happy. In the last years I was really interested in „working online“ topics and „digital nomad life“. 

30 days challenge review clickfunnels

But I also wanted to have certainty and enough money to pay my bills and my apartment. It’s not typical in Germany to go on a world trip after school, so I did an apprenticeship as office administrator and studied mathematics after that. 

How to make your first 1$ online?

Still I wasn’t happy with my life and I wanted to figure out how to make my first 1$ online and start to work location independent. I watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube and I found many useful blogs about it. Also I took some paid online courses and I learned a lot.

The problem was - all of this information was pretty theoretical and I still didn’t know, how to get exactly there, where I wanted to be! I wish, someone would take me by the hand and guide me in the right direction. 

Though I was super motivated and willing to work and learn new things, I was pretty overwhelmed. Too much time and money wasted for nothing and still no results. Should I give up this crazy idea?

How can Click Funnels help you to start your business

In August 2018 I came across  Click Funnels by chance, watching a webinar about Instagram. It is a software for building funnels and guide your potential customer through a sales journey. 

From sign-up to your email list for a freebie, to buy an affordable front-end product, make a mid-priced up-sell, after that a down-sell and maybe a high-ticket. Makes sense, right?

I was totally in love with Clickfunnels and after a few days of free trial, I bought the full package. It comes with many great marketing tutorials, which you need anyway and full Etison Suite (costs normally 297$ / month). You save a lot of money, if you buy the whole package

Free Webinar - Learn how to build your online empire!

Free Webinar - Learn how to build your online empire!

Get your Click Funnels BONUSES!

If you are interested, you can check out here all the additional bonuses, that I offer you, if you buy through my link.

I built my first funnels, offered some free ebooks and started to collect leads. Still I didn’t know, what should I sell and how to do this. 

„If you don’t sell something, you don’t have a business!“

„If you don’t sell something, you don’t have a business!“

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How I created my first offer and sold it online!

In October 2018 I heard about „30 days challenge“ from my Facebook friends. Immediately I knew, that was the right thing for me. I bought this program and 30 days book through an affiliate link from Emmanuel, who offered me additional online courses and was a nice person in addition to that.

30 days challenge clickfunnels book

It took some days to ship the book to me from US to Germany, but I was so happy, when it finally arrived! But the good thing is, you don’t have to wait for the information so long. After you paid for this 30 days program, you will get instant access to a membership area.

There you will find interviews and behind the scenes videos from 30 successful entrepreneurs, who made at least 1 Million $ with Click Funnels in sales / affiliate commissions. Also you will get all info as pdf, so you can read and learn from it!

30 days challenge is back Clickfunnels

30 days challenge is back Clickfunnels

But that’s not the end, that is just a beginning! A few weeks later the actual 30 days challenge will start and you will get access to another membership area, where you can chat with all another participants and your trainers. 

There might be some changes in the new challenge, so I will just tell you about my 30 days journey, which was great!

The best 100 $ I ever spent on a learning experience, that is far more than just an online course! 

How does this 30 days challenge work?

Everyday you will find a new video from Russell Brunson, who is CEO of Click Funnels and the best marketer, I know („You can’t spell „Russell“ without sell!“ - is our insider #funnelhackers joke).

There will be a „mission“ to accept every day, like in the movie „Mission Impossible“. Our missions are very possible, they are small steps, you need to do, to create and sell your first product at the end of the 30 days.

At the beginning I was also skeptical, because I learned already so much and nothing worked for me! But I wanted to give it a try, because it was very motivating from the beginning.

What will you learn in the 30 days challenge?

In this process I learned, how to believe in myself and my ideas. Now I am not disappointed, when I don’t earn money over night, with a new idea. I know, it takes time and I have to work for it, but it’s absolutely possible.

Also I learned to drive free traffic to my blog posts, which I am writing now with intent. Years ago I also started blogs, but didn’t know, how and what to sell and how to drive traffic - no wonder they failed…

30 days challenge - one funnel away! Believe in yourself!

30 days challenge - one funnel away! Believe in yourself!

A great help for me was a prebuilt free funnel, which I could customize to my products and my brand. After I decided to sell my own Ebook, I learned, how to create an offer and give my customers more value for their money. 

Additional to my own Ebook, I offered them more free ebooks about online business, a big video + ebook course (which you can download as a PLR and don’t have to create) and a free shared funnel of my own. 

My up-sell was a social media kit (also my own creation) and at the end my online course about social media marketing. If you want to see my first funnel, that made my first 148 $ - click here.

It took just one promotion with solo ads on Udemi to drive enough traffic to my offer. This is a paid traffic source, but I had to know if it actually work and anyone in the world would actually buy my stuff.

And it worked! You can’t imagine, how excited I was! Not because of the money itself… But now I knew it was possible and realistic to make money online and work location independent.

Who is this challenge for?

Your motivation may be completely different - are you a student and want to make some extra money, are you a mom, that wants to work from home? Do you want to sell physical products? Are you a teacher and want to create and sell your online courses? 

Doesn’t matter, where you are in your journey - this challenge will help you to go from zero to hero or take your existing business to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? Join the waiting list now, only a few days are left and begin your new life right after New Years Celebration!

How to make more affiliate sales with bonuses

How to make more affiliate sales with bonuses

If you decide to buy this 30 days challenge through my link, I will give you amazing bonuses, which you will need anyway as an online entrepreneur. Just send me an email with a screenshot of your receipt to

- make sure you had my affiliate ID 1284126 in your link. Use the same email for me, which you used to buy this program. 

I wish you a lot of success on your journey and hope to hear from you - if you have any questions and would like to connect with me, please reach out in my Facebook group to me. I am always glad to help you!

30 days challenge review clickfunnels

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