Make right decisions and learn from mistakes… of others!

Feeling a little overwhelmed?


You need help with the right decisions

It can be pretty overwhelming, when you´re just starting out! There are a lot mistakes, that can be made. Sometimes you will be afraid, to make a decision, because you don´t know the consequences....

Welcome to the club! The truth is... nobody knows for sure, what will work and what will become a disaster!

But you don´t have to make all mistakes, other people already made! Learn from their mistakes and make better decisions for yourself and your new business!  

Everybody made mistakes, even Millionaires

Do you want to see one of them on a live webinar, talking about?

It´s Russell Brunson himself, one of the founders of Clickfunnels, that changes the world on a daily basis!

Here is my invitation and I want to share this with you! So register as soon as possible!

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"I want to share with you the NEVER-BEFORE-HEARDClickFunnels “Startup” Stories that sent us from $0, to $100 Million in less than 3 years…

I’m talking game-changing stories that have been locked away in my head for 15+ years, until just a few days ago!      

Stories like:

 • The course I bought at 15 years old that RUINED me forever…

  • The first business I launched while wrestling at Boise State…

  • The time I had to fire 80+ people overnight… 🙁

  • Launching our first supplement line

  • A peek into what my new goals are, and where our major initiative are headed

...and so many more that most funnel hackers have never heard before!  

I thought it would be fun to take a day away from my usual ‘work’ to hang out LIVE with you ALL-DAY...

Come join me on October 30th for a free LIVE streaming event!  

What’s going to be happening?  

  √ LOTS of ClickFunnels storytelling…

  √ LOTS of insane prizes…(but I’m staying tight-lipped on that part)

  √ LOTS of me answering YOUR burning questions…

  √ LOTS of key ‘a-ha’ moments and lessons learned that will be pivotal for growing your business

  √ And maaaaybe a few cool guests, too...

I’ve already said more than I should…(if you know me at all, you know I’m ironically TERRIBLE at secrets…)

So the rest stays a surprise!   

Here’s what you need to do next…

Register here!

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