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How to make money with your passion -Welcome (future) Online Boss!


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How to make money with your passion

How to make money with your passion

Are you passionate about your business idea and want to bring more value to people?

Mark Rothko, a famous artist, said:

"I don´t want you to like my pictures. I WANT TO STOP YOUR HEART."

How to find a profitable idea, that will not only help people, but EXCITE them and stop their hearts?

I want to stop your heart!

Just follow your passion...

That is not enough... I followed my passion twice and ...


Why? I did, what I loved and I told this to everybody on internet... But, if I am honest, I didn´t know, what to sell and who would buy from me.

If you don´t sell something, you actually don´t have a business! It doesn´t matter, that you have a blog with nice articles or Instagram with a big following. 

If you don´t have a product or service, which people want to buy, you have a hobby, not a business! 

luggage-dreams of online business

Find your perfect sweet spot

Find out, which product or service:

1. excites you the most

2. is super helpful for other people

3. can be sold online without headache. (digital products)

It doesn´t have to be your own product! It can be an affiliate product. This is actually the easiest way to get started fast! 

You don´t have to create a product, to test it, to get great testimonials, to build a special audience for that!

Other people done it for you and need your help to promote it!

key to success online business

But first you have to find your
1.000.000 $ Idea!

There are a lot ideas, but also a lot of scams out there... So be careful and test free offers before you buy something for your business! 



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If you can dream it, you can do it!

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Find your dream business idea

Find your dream business idea

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