Is PASSIVE INCOME really 100% passive?

5 Tips to make passive income!


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5 tips to make passive income

5 tips to make passive income

1. Tip - Sell E-books

You have two choices - write your own E-book and sell it or find a good PLR E-book with Master Resell Rights, customize it and sell it. 

Maybe you think now, to write a book takes a lot of time and this is true in some cases. But the worth of your book doesn't depend on the length. 

If you provide great information, which is valuable and rare on the market, people will pay for an E-Book with 20 pages. You can also add high quality images, which will make it longer and nicer.

Still not convinced? Try it with PLR - Private Label Rights! Products with PLR can be edited and you should change your cover, add your logo, write additional text and add some images. 

It's much less work than to write the whole book and there are a lot free PLR E-books out there. Some of them are higher quality and you have to pay for it. But if you can sell it over and over again on autopilot, wouldn't it be worth it?

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2. Tip - Sell Online Courses

This is similar to selling E-books, you can create and sell your own or find good PLR courses. Also like E-Books, they don't have to be super long. 

My first online course, which I bought from Marie Forleo had only 12 lessons with short videos (10 - 20 minutes) and PDF's. I paid 400 $ for that.

Online Courses are more valued by customers, than just an E-book. If you can pack the same information in videos, worksheets and PDF's, you can sell it for a price 10x so high.

And of course if you don't want to do all the work, find good PLR video courses with complementing E-books and sell them as your own. 

Another advantage of online courses is pre-selling. You can create a landing page for your course-idea and tell, that this course is not ready yet. Write about all the topics which you want to cover, drive some traffic to your online course and see if someone is willing to buy.

Once you have your first customers, you can begin with creating lessons and release a new modul every week. 

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Affiliate Marketing Video Course

Affiliate Marketing Video Course

3. Tip - Do affiliate marketing

Don't wanna sell your own products? - No problem, there are a lot of great products, that are proven and selling on the market. 

Decide first in which niche do you want to promote  your affiliate products. 

Find good selling products on JVZoo, Clickbank or Amazon and request your affiliate link. Most affiliate partners want to know, how do you want to promote their products.

Example product from JVZoo: Page Builder Pro - Software, which creates websites, that make you money! You will get 50% of 67 $ sale and this is just front end - there are more sales in this funnel!

It's recommended to have a website or a blog for that, with already some articles. As I started with affiliate marketing, I had only 3 new blog posts and I was already accepted. 

If you want learn more about affiliate marketing - read "Affiliate Marketing for Beginners". In this blogpost I'll give you 7 tips, how to start as an absolute beginner and be successful right from the start

affiliate marketer

affiliate marketer

4. Tip - Sell Stock Photos

I know, there are already a ton of stock photos on many platforms, but the demand is still there. 

Especially photos with people in different situations at work are required. As I started with photography and had no money to pay models, I organised TfP-photoshootings.

TfP means Time for Prints / Photos. I make a contract with my models, they will get professional photos for personal use and I can use my photos also for commercial use. I can customize the pictures and sell them on my own website or on online photo marketplaces.

Some photos, which are timeless or very creative can be sold years after creation and bring you passive income. 

passive income with stock photos

passive income with stock photos

5. Tip - Ad's on your Blog

If you promote your own products or do affiliate marketing, you will have a blog. After a few months and right strategies to drive traffic you should have enough visitors on your website to display ad's.

You should track your visitors numbers from the very beginning with Google Analytics and see which blog posts are popular. Do more of that kind and promote on every social media channel + Pinterest (this is a search engine).

Many bloggers display Google Adsense ad's or work with Mediavine (you can apply, if you have 25K sessions/month on your blog).

Sounds like a lot for a beginner, but with right SEO and Pinterest traffic it's absolutely possible.

passive income google adsense mediavine

passive income google adsense mediavine

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Truth about passive income... and work - life balance

It´s your choice, what you do with your time and with your life... Do you really want to retire at 67?

Will you be able then to travel the world? Will you have enough money for that?

If you work 9-5, you will always trade your time for money, hour after hour. If you build your passive income online, it will be a lot of work upfront... But once it is all set up and the money comes in on autopilot, you have your time for yourself!

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Julia in Thailand blue hair, passive income

Is PASSIVE INCOME really passive?

You maybe heard a lot of opportunities, which will bring you a ton of money over night and you don't even have to work for it!

Well, if it sounds to good to be true... It's probably is!

But if I talk about "passive income" I mean automated income, that doesn't need your attention every minute. 

Imagine, you found a system to sell a product and drive traffic on autopilot! You don´t have to trade every minute for $$$.

You will have times, where you create a new product, find and connect with the audiences for that, find the right traffic sources, automate your ad's and build your tribe, day by day.

Then you will have times, when you can pack your things and disappear for a few days or weeks and relax on holidays...  

Your affiliate commissions and online course registrations  will come on autopilot, once you figured out, which paid traffic source works best for you.

What is it, that you makes you wish to have passive income?

Is it really laziness, do you really don't want to work and sit all day in your room? 

Or is it more, that you don't want to work for a stupid boss, or do the work that makes sense to you?

For me it is the possibility to work from (almost) anywhere in the world and travel a lot. You just need a good internet connection.

Thailand, Ko Chang

Thailand, Ko Chang

Why PASSIVE INCOME is not 100 % passive and why you will love it anyway! 

I share my message...

and make a lot of people happy with my "Weight Loss Program" - they will be healthier and more self-confident after my coaching.  My online course promotion is automated inside Clickfunnels with auto-webinars and it works like crazy!

Diana Smith //  Online Coach

I set my goals for myself

Every month I decide, how much I want to work and promote my affiliate products. Once my funnels are set up and ready, I drive traffic with solo ad's and can relax again. 

Michael Kochinsky  //  Affiliate Marketer

Let me know in the comments, why passive income would be a great fit for you? 

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